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When should you replace your gas boiler?

As one of Tipperary's most experienced gas boiler installation companies, we are often asked by our clients when they should replace their gas boiler.

As a general rule of thumb, the service life of a gas boiler is around ten years. However, there are various strategies and methods to increase the service life of all types of gas boilers. On the other hand, if a gas boiler is neglected, the service life can drop dramatically. For the convenience of our clients and their wallets, we want to discuss when you should consider replacing your gas boiler.


Gas Boiler Maintenance

A property owner may need to replace their gas boiler when they encounter issues like the gas boiler not starting, not heating the home or not heating water. It's inevitable that at some stage of the boiler's lifespan, a fault will occur. Often these issues can be attributed to seized or clogged parts within the boiler. The good news is that only the part may need to be replaced, not the entire boiler. This can save you money on a full gas boiler replacement. However, if the fault is neglected, it can get worse. It may undermine the integrity of the gas boiler, leading to a premature replacement. Therefore before rushing out and replacing your gas boiler, we recommend calling one of our engineers to check it to make sure that you indeed need to replace the entire unit.


When do I need to replace my gas boiler?

Just because your gas boiler has been installed for ten years doesn't necessarily mean it needs replacing. If your boiler is maintained regularly, it will likely last for over ten years. However, we recommend keeping an eye on the overall performance of the gas boiler. If you feel radiators are taking longer to heat up after a service or if you are not getting as much hot water, the gas boiler itself may need to be replaced. Even with regular maintenance, parts degrade, and general wear and tear will eventually render the gas boiler useless. The best way to know if you need a full gas boiler replacement is to contact one of our experts today. A short visual inspection will let you know if it's in your interest to replace the gas boiler or have it repaired or serviced.

For a free quote on a gas boiler installation, please contact lam plumbing today.

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