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The spare parts involved in oil boiler repair & gas boiler repair

On this site, we often talk about replacing boiler parts. However, most of our clients are probably unaware of what parts often need replacing.

Both gas and oil boilers are complex pieces of machinery with a massive range of parts and pieces. However, some parts are more susceptible to wear and tear than others. This blog will discuss some of these parts and explain why they need to be replaced or repaired more frequently than others.


Diverter/Zone Valves

The purpose of Zone Valves is to control and direct the flow of heated water from your boiler to the radiators within the property. As the name suggests, they control and divert the flow of water. Zone valves inevitably become worn because they are a moving part. Throughout the day, the valves oscillate between being open and closed. This regular movement can lead to damage that will necessitate a replacement.


Printed circuit board

Often abbreviated as PCB, the Printed circuit board is one of the most common parts within a boiler that will require replacement. Modern boilers are controlled electronically. The PCB, in effect, is the boiler's brain. Problems associated with the PCB lead to the boiler working incorrectly or, worse, not working at all. The PCB is a complex electronic device that will occasionally become damaged or stop working. When we replace a PCB, we endeavour to replace it with a PCP from the same manufacturer.


The Boiler Pump

The pump is probably the only part within a boiler that people are aware of, although they may not be sure what it does. A pump or the boiler circulation pump pumps heated water throughout your home heating system. The pump, therefore, is essential to running the heating system as a whole. A boiler pump may need replacing for a variety of reasons. When in use, the pump may work itself loose, the installation was incorrect, or a pump may blow a seal due to incorrect pressure settings.

If you feel your boiler is having an issue with any of the above parts, please get in touch with our plumbers today. We are available for both gas boiler repair and oil boiler repair. 

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