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How to minimise energy bills during the cost of living crisis

A lot has been said about the current cost of living crisis. Everything from household bills to the cost of food is skyrocketing.

Families all over Ireland are beginning to feel the pinch. While the average household can perhaps cut back on some of the luxuries they once enjoyed – streaming subscriptions are being cancelled, holidays are perhaps being rescheduled, but a bill that has to be paid is our home heating bill. With the shadow of winter approaching, many of us are looking for ways to minimise our home heating bills. Luckily, the cost of oil has fallen lately, but that doesn’t mean those with an oil central heating system can’t still see some savings on their bills. In today’s blog, we’ll make a few suggestions to help keep your home energy bill at a manageable level throughout the winter.


Oil Central Heating Service

With the cost of essentials rising, some households may decide to forgo their annual service. This, we would argue, is a mistake. A mistake that will actually cost a household money over time. A complete oil central heating service removes soot build-up, cleans filters and ensures the integrity of all pieces inside the boiler. This all translates to a much more efficient boiler. A more efficient system means less fuel is required to reach the required temperature leading to lower bills without sacrificing performance.


Power Flushing

Overtime radiators and the pipes that make up a central heating system can become clogged with sludge and lime scale. These blockages can undermine the performance of individual radiators and the central heating system.


Oil Boiler Replacement

When trying to save money, the last thing people will want to do is to pay for a complete oil replacement. However, while the cost of a replacement boiler may initially put a dent in your pocket, the actual savings will save you money. Newer boilers are designed to use the least amount of fuel possible; this means lower energy bills. In a few short years, a new boiler will have paid for itself in energy savings.

The above are just a few ways a homeowner can save money on their annual heating bills. Our plumbers can also suggest a few more ways to ensure you pay the least for your home heating.

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